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We are so excited to introduce you to the Ag Experience Insider our fun summer series showing the day in and day out of farming and ranching! Stay tuned for more weekly updates from these four families throughout the summer! 




Blum Family Update May 23, 2023
Blum Family Update June 8, 2023









man in purple shirt sitting with a woman in a blue shirt standing just behind him next to another woman in a white shirt beside a man in a gray shirt sitting all behind a wooden counter


6B Seed & Supplies

Baruth Family Update May 18, 2023
Baruth Family Update June 2, 2023







TW Angus

Williams Family Update May 24, 2023
Williams Family Update June 6, 2023








family photo with fall trees in the background


Duxbury Beef

Duxbury Family Update May 18, 2023
Duxbury Family Update May 31, 2023