Since the formation of our organization, the Stockyards Ag Experience has been working on a two-phase plan that will bring a world-class ag experience to the heart of Sioux Falls.

Supported by individuals, farmers, ag organizations, and the Sioux Falls business community, our vision for a unique attraction located in the Falls Park neighborhood in Downtown Sioux Falls is within reach.

Phase one of our project, the Stockyards Ag Experience museum, has been welcoming visitors since March of 2017. Located in the historic Horse Barn at Falls Park, the museum shares the 92 year history of the Sioux Falls Stockyards and explores modern agriculture and the farm-to-table story.

Originally, the plaza was going to be a three-seasons attraction focusing on the typical growing seasons in our region. But, as many things do, our project has evolved to fit the growing needs of our community. Through strategic planning, the City of Sioux Falls identified the need for more year-round programming in city parks. And that’s where we come in!

We’re evolving the original scope of our plaza project to include more year-round programming. With funds from a successful chamber capital campaign, ongoing individual and organizational support, and a transformational gift from T. Denny Sanford, our project has an incredible financial foundation to bring our year-round, indoor/outdoor plaza to fruition.

While the City of Sioux Falls finalizes their Master Plan for Falls Park, the staff and Board of Directors for the Stockyards Ag Experience are working with their architect and landscape architect on new renderings for Woster Plaza. These plans will include hands-on, interactive elements and exhibits that encourage visitors to experience agriculture and connect with how their food is produced.

Woster Plaza and the Stockyards Museum will be a place where:

  • out-of-town visitors can learn more about the importance of agriculture to our region and get a glimpse of what farm life looks like;
  • ag producers can see their work discussed and explored in a vibrant and engaging way;
  • local residents can connect with local producers that grow their food;
  • schools and childcare centers can provide field trips that supplement their classroom learning.

While the second phase of the Stockyards Ag Experience has taken longer to complete, we are committed to bringing this world-class vision to fruition.

Woster Plaza at Falls Park will be free to any and all who visit.

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