Group Tours

Group tour at the Stockyard Ag Experience museum in Sioux FallsThe Stockyard Ag Experience is a perfect opportunity for groups of all ages seeking a fun and educational Sioux Falls experience. Schedule a group tour at our home near Falls Park to experience both the Stockyard History museum and our Farm to Table exhibit.


All Groups Are Welcome

We welcome any and all groups to schedule a group tour at the Stockyards Ag Experience in Sioux Falls. Group tours are available by appointment with at least one week’s notice. The Stockyard Ag Experience is a free experience for our community, and we’d so appreciate it if your group would consider making a donation when you visit.

A Stockyard Ag Experience group tour is a great option for the following types of groups:

  • Daycare summer field trips
  • Pre-school or elementary field trips
  • Homeschool groups
  • 4-H groups
  • FFA groups or high school agriculture classes
  • College/university classes or technical school groups
  • Restaurant or food production teams
  • Gardening/planting groups
  • Family groups looking for something new to do during the summer
  • Travel writers
  • Bus tours traveling through Sioux Falls
  • Any and everyone who wants to learn about local history or food production

Stockyards History Museum

Stockyards History Exhibit

Learn about the history of the Sioux Falls Stockyards and how it influenced our South Dakota economy, and society. We offer images and interactive displays that bring history to life for all ages.

Whether your group has a special interest in agriculture, likes to know where their food comes from, or simply loves learning, visitors will enjoy the museum and all it teaches about the agricultural landscape of our area.


Farm to Table Exhibit

Farm to Table Exhibit at the Stockyards Ag Museum

Love to cook or eat food? (Don’t we all!) This highly interactive exhibit tells the story of how food goes from the farm to your dinner table.

We seek to honor South Dakota farm families and educate all who benefit from them, and visitors of all ages will have a memorable time. Kids love to play with the interactive elements, and adults enjoy the opportunity to learn about and consider their food consumption habits.


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