A Year of Resiliency

This past Wednesday marked my one-year anniversary of joining the Stockyards Ag Experience. And just like that day a year ago, I spent my day in my home office away from our museum. Last year, we were in the midst of spring flooding. Falls Park was closed and so was the museum. This year, our doors are closed because of a different challenge – the coronavirus pandemic.

And while our vibrant museum is temporarily closed, the farms and ranches we celebrate are still open.

It’s a drastic reminder that no matter what is thrown at our ag producers, they will keep working. They carry all the same worry about the health of their loved ones that we do, plus they face another wet spring and depressed ag markets.

Year One

Because of the challenges in agriculture, there was a renewed sense of urgency to tell the ag story this past year. We know farmers and ranchers rarely take the time to tell their own story, so we are proud to do it for them.

And in these times of hardship – ones that seem unfamiliar but consistent at the same time – I’m reminded of what I know about South Dakota ag families: they are resilient in the face of uncertainty. While the challenge might change, their duty remains the same – providing safe, healthy food for the world.

Year Two

And so starts a new year! With purpose through this time of uncertainty, the Stockyards Ag Experience continues to connect agriculture to peoples’ lives. We share the rich history of the Stockyards and tell visitors how agriculture put Sioux Falls on the map. We show kids and grown-ups how their food gets from the pasture to their plate. We tell the modern ag story with gratitude and passion.

There’s so much more in store for the Stockyards Ag Experience, and I’m incredibly fortunate to lead it forward. Thanks, and see you at the barn!

Abby Bischoff, Executive Director

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