Ag Experience Insider- 6B Seed and Supplies

See what the Baruth family has been up to over the holiday weekend and how they are prepping to feed their cattle for the year!

Freedom, Family, and Fun

With the constant that is farming and ranching there seems to be a few things that remind us to slow down and enjoy the important things, like freedom and family! This past week the Baruth’s stopped to enjoy just that.

The Woonsocket Water Festival has been a tradition with our family for many years and with the addition of 6B Seed and Supplies, we decided to step into community events even more.

The parade is amazing with a large variety of floats. This year the theme was video games, so in fine farmer fashion we chose “Farming Simulator.” Sterling was the farmer in the game and the kids on the float were all playing!

Our saying was “Farm Sim 23’, The Kids Are In Control.” Being able to have extended family and friends around to celebrate made it even that much more special.

Although we managed to sneak in a little fun, the farm was still busy with the 2nd cutting of alfalfa as well as planting some short-day forages. Since we have cattle, when there is an opportunity to grow more feed, we usually take it.

This summer we have been blessed with some later rains so the shortage we have from our early season grasses, we can make up by planting some annual grasses to hay in late fall.