Ag Experience Insider- 6B Seed and Supplies

Go For A Drive, Do a Field Check

One of the fun times of year is checking fields, whether it’s your day job or how you connect with your
spouse, looking at the performance of your hard work is fun and educational…most of the time.

At the end of July, the corn and the soybeans in our area are looking good from the road, but further investigation is needed.

This time of year, yield potential is being determined in the corn. For the corn in our area, it has all tasseled and ears are filling, and the soybeans are getting ready to flower.

As a producer and seed company it is important to do field checks throughout the season.

All of these are equally important, if the roots did not develop the way they needed to be the corn stalk could fall over, if the stalk is not strong enough, the cob can fall off and If the ear is not filling the yield will not be there are harvest.

6B Seeds is continually looking at how the different varieties are performing on our farm as well as our
customers. Product knowledge is great, but real-life experience is so important. Every year in farming isdifferent so seed selection is crucial. The seed companies that we work with have outstanding products and every year we look forward to seeing them outperform even themselves.

So, I encourage you to take an opportunity to go for a drive. Take the kids or a friend and use it as a learning experience and have a little fun. Let everyone put their guess in for the yield and continue to pray for rain and a great continued growing season. As they say, ‘August rains make beans.’