Ag Experience Insider- 6B Seed and Supplies

The Baruth family has all hands on deck to make their multi-generational farm and family-owned business 6B Seed and Supplies successful. 

Meet The Family 

Baruth Family Farms is currently a fifth generation family farm located by Alpena, SD. Brothers Rob and Corey Baruth have been farming together for over 25 years. 

Corey and his wife Lisa have two children, Henry and Sterling. Rob and his wife Melissa have four children, Jaycee, Mckenzie, Addy, and Sam. Corey and Rob’s dad Roger is still on the farm as well.

They operate a feeder cattle and row crop operation planting corn, soybeans, alfalfa and wheat along with other forages. Corey and Lisa also have a cow/calf operation.

In order to diversify their operation they started a seed, feed, and animal health supplies business, 6B Seed and Supplies, in 2018. The 6, in 6B, is a tribute to the family’s 6 children and the fact that they will be the 6th generation on the farm.

Life on the Farm

The daily operation takes everyone to make it work. The majority of the planting and harvesting is done by both brothers, and Corey takes care of the cattle.

Melissa and Lisa work off the farm, full-time and part-time respectively, and Lisa still finds time to work on the farm daily as well. 

All of the kids are also involved. They stay active helping with loading seed at planting or working cattle, when there is not a ball game!

The 6B store has a lot of moving parts.

Rob takes care of the majority of the outside sales. He is very much a people person and loves being out in the community with his fellow farmers and ranchers.

Corey takes care of the operation at home. He handles the livestock equipment sales as well as loading out customers.

The brothers’ dad Roger is also a crucial part of the operation. He helps a little with everything. He is usually found picking up a load of feed or seed and delivering it to customers or running the grandkids to sporting events. Lisa does the majority of the bookwork including billing and daily finances.

Follow along with the Baruth family this summer to get an ‘ag experience insider’ look at their daily life on the farm!