Ag Experience Insider- Blum Family Ranch

Learn more about the Blum family and their life on the ranch as told by writer, rancher, wife, and mother, Amy Blum! 

Let’s Start With Introductions

With four active kids and two working parents, it often feels like the topics requiring us to be better educated barrel in, demanding our attention like bulls in a China closet.

The long list of topics ranging from social media and our kids to mental health and our food choices prompted us to build a personal network of trusted friendships; the kind of circle we can ask questions and trust the answers without spending hours in a rabbit hole.

That’s why we answered the call when the Stockyards Ag Experience needed folks to share their stories.

We certainly aren’t experts, but we are real people doing our best to provide for our family. We also happen to be doing our best to provide for you and your family!

Jay and I (Amy) ranch along the west banks of the Missouri River in Lyman County. While we have expanded the ranch and added businesses over the past 20 years, we are fortunate to have started with a strong foundation built by Jay’s family.

We chose ranching – or production agriculture as some call it – as our careers because we believe land, livestock, crops, and wildlife are the fabric of life.

On The Ranch

Today, we raise beef cattle, primarily cows and calves, plus grow the grass and crops to feed them. We also manage our land to support a healthy wildlife population and recently added a country guest house to our ventures. Our kids also have their own cattle herd.

Prior to joining the ranch full-time, I worked in non-profit fundraising while writing part-time. Now, I split my time between ranching and writing.

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