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Akaushi? Incredible beef? Royalty? Can you believe the three words are connected and are a key part of Duxbury Beef? Find out how from Shannon Duxbury this week! 

More About Akaushi!

Akaushi is a unique word for a very delicious breed of beef.

Akaushi simply means “Red Cow” in Japanese! The breed only existed in Kumamoto, Japan until 1976, when the first two bulls were imported to the USA. Later, in 1994, 12 more were brought to the US, establishing the first true “herd” of Akaushis in the United States.

Akaushis are a part of the Wagyu family. Wagyus are interesting, as they aren’t really a breed: rather a collection of a few different Japanese breeds. The term Wagyu simply means “Japanese Cow”. Specifically, Akaushis are Japanese Browns.

Wagyus had been banned from being exported out of Japan for a long time leading up their import in 1976 because the Japanese government realized the value of the animals andtheir meat. More interestingly, Wagyu meat was reserved only for the Emperor, his family, and the Samurai due to its quality.

Thankfully, now we all get to enjoy the meat and eat like royalty!

Picture This…

Akaushis are reddish-brown in color, moderate in frame size, and extremely efficient when feeding for harvest.

When the initial Akaushi genetics were being established in Japan, the cattle were grazing at the base of a famous volcano, Mt. Alo. Due to these interesting environmental conditions, the Akaushi breed was designed to efficiently put on muscle and marbling while grazing on grass! Akaushis can also survive in any climate or altitude.They are very hearty creatures.

At Duxbury Beef, we have animals that are anywhere from 50-100% Akaushi. Akaushi meat, and Wagyu meat in general, is famously known for its intense marbling and flavor.

That’s Not All…

Akaushi beef has a much higher percentage of monounsaturated fat than other continental beef breeds.

Monounsaturated fat is the “good fat” we find in foods like olive oil and avocados. This healthy fat can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood, lowering risk of heart disease and stroke, and contribute more vitamin E in the diet. (Fun fact: Most Americans are deficient in vitamin E!)

One of our favorite things you’ll notice when eating Akaushi beef is that the fat stays liquid at room temperature, while saturated and trans fats turn solid at room temperature!

The moral of the story is: Akaushi beef helps you invest in your health while OPTIMIZING flavor!

This healthy food does not come with disclaimers about sacrificing taste for wellness. With Akaushi, you get the best of all worlds. You can also purchase and enjoy knowing your beef came from your rancher neighbors, right here in South Dakota.

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