Ag Experience Insider- Duxbury Beef

Is Ranching Boring?

At Duxbury Beef, just like any place of business, the days are not always “thrilling”.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been on autopilot. It’s so hot. We are hot, our cows are hot, and we are doing our best to keep everything afloat. Since the last time we’ve spoken; we’ve mowed, raked and baled hay, fixed fence, and moved cows to pastures with more grass.

Just like any “job”, it doesn’t always feel glamorous. Honestly, a lot of the time, it feels just like work.

We know there is a greater purpose. We know we were put on this Earth to provide for the animals and provide for consumers. We love this life, and we will never take it for granted. However, there are always tough days and monotonous periods.

In the last 2 weeks, we’ve just been working. Like everyone else, we’ve just been working. We love our cattle. We love our purpose. We love our customers. We LOVE our lifestyle, but in all great loves, there are stagnant points.

Hitting Refresh

The thing that always grounds us and reminds us of our “why” is talking to our family.
family photo with fall trees in the background
This family was built around cattle and the memories these animals have provided us with. This week, I asked my family what their favorite beef dish was and why. We wanted to share the responses. In all memories, there is emotion. These dishes have memories, emotion and joy all warped up into one. These dishes make us feel something, and we hope they might inspire you too.

Casey: “Beef stew. Warms you up from a cold day working cattle!”

Brady: “Beef brisket. It takes a steady hand and a little technique, but the time and effort yields a tasty payoff.”

Sandy: “Prime rib because it feels like you are treating yourself.”

Dale: “Ribeye is hard to beat. Love prime rib, but it can vary based on the way it’s prepared.” (We are picky about our beef! It’s one of the drawbacks of eating such incredible beef all the time.)

Danielle: “Meatballs. They are a flavorful option using the basic staple of ground beef.”

Troy: “There’s something truly magical about my mom’s lasagna that’s unparalleled among beef-based recipes. It’s not just the taste that makes it my all-time favorite; it’s the flood of cherished memories that accompany each indulgence. From family gatherings to cozy Sunday dinners, her lasagna has been the centerpiece of countless heartwarming memories.”

Shannon: “Steak and gorgonzola pasta became my favorite the second I tasted it. Steak and pasta are such a comfort food, but gorgonzola and asparagus make it feel so elevated. My favorite thing about beef is that you can use it to elevate almost any dish. Steak improves everything and can take a super basic pasta and make it a dream meal.”

Adam: “Love me some hot beef brown gravy (made from chuck roast) on Texas toast or chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and corn. They both remind me of my mom. For indulgence, tenderloin tips with mushrooms and onions are delicious.”

Parker: “Donuts.”

We love the ranch (despite the heat and the never-ending to-do list), and we LOVE the nutrients, flavor, and memories it gives us. For us, cattle and beef aren’t just commodities or food. They are family, nostalgia, memories and love. We hope you feel inspired too.