Ag Experience Insider – Duxbury Beef

Get the ‘insider’ look at the Duxbury family ranch and Duxbury Beef!

A Century of Greatness 

The Duxbury Ranch is a 130 year family tradition located near Wessington, SD. Originally, it was a row crop operation with a few cattle. Over time it has evolved into mostly cattle with a few row crops.

The Akaushi (Red Wagyu) breed was introduced into the Duxbury cattle herd in 2008. They have remained a part of the herd and are a strong reason for why Duxbury Beef tastes so delicious!

The Duxburys have always sold meat to their friends and family, but Duxbury Beef was officially launched in 2018. The business is currently operated by Dale and Sandy Duxbury, Adam Haake, Lon Nelson, and Shannon Duxbury.

Beef raised and processed by the Duxbury family is sold all over the nation. They are thrilled to help give the Stockyards Ag Experience a true insider look at local farms and ranches!

Spring on the Ranch 

Springtime is the one of the BUSIEST times of year for cattle producers.

 That is especially true for the folks at Duxbury Beef.

They are finishing up spring calving season which is the first phase followed by another round of babies born in the fall. The family is also busy gearing up for breeding season and continuing to provide beef for their clients.

They are very proud to produce their beef from start to finish. All the Duxbury beef their clients enjoy have been born and raised at their family’s ranch.

They begin calving in January and finish in May, so the ranch has hundreds of baby calves running around it this time of year! After calving season wraps up, they begin breeding the cows back for calving season next year.

As you follow along with Duxbury Beef from the Ag Experience Insider perspective, you will see them raise their current baby calves, invest in new ones through modern agriculture practices such as artificial insemination and embryo transfer, and the process of how beef ends up on your tables.

For more info about the ranch follow Duxbury Beef on Facebook and @duxburybeef on Instagram or give them a call at (605) 354-2656. 

The Duxbury family can’t wait to bring you along for their summer on the ranch!