Ag Experience Insider: Moving the Summer Along

Rock has been picked, spraying has been done, and some spring and summer activities have come to an end. With many things checked off their list, the Kress family is looking forward to harvest, loading out market pigs, their county fair, and even some vacations. Continue reading to learn what the past few weeks have been like for the Kress family through the eyes of Dawn Kress.

Check it Off the List

Rocks have been picked up in the corn and soybean fields to avoid unnecessary breakdowns with the combine come harvest, the first few passes of spraying are done, and ball seasons have wrapped up for the spring/summer for families within the operation. Now it’s full-swing county fair prep mode for the Kress family! Two of our three girls are 4H age and will each be taking a steer and two pigs to show at the county fair.

County Fair Prep Time

With all the rain we keep getting, things keep growing, which is a promising sign for the crops and a reason for us to remain optimistic! In the last few years, the landscape has looked pretty brown, like most of the Midwest, and the country has suffered drought. The rains are helping replenish the depleted subsoil moisture. Our region has been incredibly blessed with favorable yields over the last few years, even with the lack of precipitation.

Looking Forward

Even though the crops are thriving, there’s fungicide to apply and pig chores to do. Many of our sites have new groups of pigs starting up. We have had some sow unit health issues to overcome, so it makes it particularly difficult to get new groups of babies going. On the flip side, we have hog sites that will be emptying, which means loading market hogs out in the July humidity and starting it all over again. 

Looking at the family and farm calendars, it’s clear that everyone is fully engaged this month. The county fair, vacations out of state and even one to Europe, participation in industry conferences and trips are keeping us all on our toes. We’re grateful for your understanding and support as we all cover for each other when needed. 

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