Ag Experience Insider- TW Angus

The Williams family is hard at work at TW Angus this summer but they’re still making time for some fun surprises including a new face around the ranch! Hear the latest from Calli Williams!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Our cow-calf pairs are all out to pasture. The first round of alfalfa has been cut and baled. The garden is planted. Three big projects that feel great to have done. That meant it was time to celebrate our summer birthday boys!

Our oldest son, Jack, turned 5 last week. In true farm family fashion, we surprised him with a pet he has been asking about for months. A goat! Thank you to LZ Livestock for answering all our questions and letting us purchase the sweetest goat for Jack.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram (calli_williams) for more goat content because the instant bond between Jack and “Gracie the Goat” is heartwarming. It has been so rewarding to see Jack take on this role.

Assisting with building her pen, feeding, and watering her daily, and taking her on evening walks has been a fun summer project. Chores may take longer when we have our children tag along, but it’s worth it. Those little eyes are always watching and learning.

With our cow-calf pairs out on summer grass, we will continue our pasture checks to monitor their health, the status of the grass in the pasture, and monitor the flies. We have always offered Crystalyx minerals to our cattle. This year we are trying a Crystalyx mineral that includes garlic to try and minimize the number of flies on our cattle.

Stay tuned as we share more on that throughout the summer.

Next Up

At our ranch, summer means tackling the never-ending list of projects.

The next project for us is moving the walk-in freezer we recently purchased into our shed. This freezer will be used to store the TW Angus beef we offer to our customers through our direct-to-consumer beef business.

Rather than utilizing deep freezers, this will be a much easier way to keep things organized. We have the floor built for the freezer, so now we are going to tile the floor before moving the freezer into our shed. Then we will begin hooking up electricity, so the freezer is ready before our next round of steers are processed.

This is another project we will document on our Instagram account, calli_williams.