Ag Experience Insider- TW Angus

Catch up with Calli Williams and family and learn about the new developments on the ranch including a special preview of a Stockyards Ag Experience collaboration! 

Full Steam (or Freeze?) Ahead!

The floor is made.

The tile is laid and grouted.

We are ready to move the walk-in freezer into our shed. Once the freezer is situated, the next item of business is getting the freezer hooked up to electricity and then it is show time!

This freezer will allow us to not only be much more organized with our direct-to-consumer beef business, but also invite consumers to purchase their beef directly from our ranch. Our first group of TW Angus steers will be processed in mid-July, so this project will be done just in the nick of time!

In addition to serving customers directly at the ranch, we will continue our deliveries to the Mitchell, Brookings and Sioux Falls communities. 

Around and Around He Goes.

Tate is back in the tractor working on the second cutting of hay.

We were fortunate to catch some much-needed rain the last part of June, so Tate spent the Fourth of July holiday weekend cutting, raking, and baling hay. This is part of the share crop project I mentioned in an earlier blog post.

We are thankful for the family friends who are partnering with us on this project. In previous years we purchased 100% of our hay crop.  

Lights – Camera – Action

The boys, and Gracie the Goat, made their television debut as AgWeek TV stopped by the ranch to visit with us about life as first-generation ranchers and our involvement with the Stockyards Ag Experience.

After an almost 
two-hour rain delay, we decided to cancel our plans of hosting the interview in our pasture with our Angus cow-calf pairs, and instead visited with AgWeek TV right at home.

That’s one of the exciting things in agriculture. There are opportunities everywhere.

You never know what the next day will bring, like the chance to interview with an agriculturally based news station and realize just how much you have in common with the person conducting the interview.

The agricultural industry is full of opportunity, yet it is a small world, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We hope you have a safe and fun Fourth of July holiday!