Ag Experience Insider – TW Angus

As the seasons change, so does the work on the farm. This post from Calli with TW Angus walks through some of the work on the horizon as August fades to September. 

August Activities

Jack wears a blue button-up shirt and a cowboy hat and holds a gold participation trophy. Jack has a big smile on his face. The sweet serenity of summer seemed to slip away with the flip of the calendar. After what felt like the longest winter we’ve faced in awhile followed by a late turnout to pasture due to dry conditions this spring, summer flew by. Fortunately, it was a summer full of memories made as a family and late rains that has our pastures holding up well. We feel blessed to say that after the dry conditions we have faced in the last two years, and other producers continue to face this year.

We kicked off the month of August with Tommy turning two! Considering his first word was “Bull,” Jack helped me bake & decorate a cake with a bull on it. Jack had his moment a few days later as he got to do something he’d been looking forward to for literally a year – mutton busting! As the emcee said, Jack was on a “cutting sheep” that zig-zagged his way out of the chute. Jack held on tight and had one heck of a ride. The smile never left his face that night.

We jam packed the rest of the month with a night at the Hungry for Truth Farm to Fork event, a family reunion in Chamberlain, our first season as a soccer family, Jack starting begindergarten and a little brother who is upset he can’t join him. Tate was able to get a third cutting of hay done, and next up is cutting CFive adult women stand together in front of a building at the DakotaFest grounds.RP that surrounds our home place.

In August, we processed the final round of steers and began deliveries to our beef share customers. This year, we had seventeen families who chose to fill their freezers with quarters or a half of TW Angus Beef. We are thankful for their support!

Two young boys play in a gray metal cattle chuteIn Mitchell, August not only means back-to-school but also Dakotafest! I am part of the Mitchell Chamber of Commerce committee that plans the Women’s Ag Brunch which includes a vendor fair, incredible door prizes, a fun social atmosphere and the icing on the cake was this year’s keynote speaker was the Stockyards Ag Experience’s very own, Abby Bischoff. Abby did a wonderful job as our keynote speaker! I then had the honor of being named a finalist for the Dakotafest Woman Farmer/Rancher of the Year.

We rounded out the month of August with an exciting trip. Tate and I were fortunate to purchase a scale on an online auction, and knew we needed the scale prior to weaning calves this fall. The scale was located near Harrison, Nebraska which is only two hours from my employer (Wyoming Livestock Roundup) located in Casper, Wyoming. We made a quick weekend road trip out of it to explore Casper and pick up this exciting investment for our ranch.

Next up, weaning season!