Ag Experience Insider – TW Angus

A Note from our Executive Director: our last few Ag Insider blogs were held up by a busy season of life. I had surgery right after this post was submitted which had me laid up a few weeks. We also had to put down a furry member of our family unexpectedly, so surgery recovery was slower than expected. So, we’re sharing an October blog post with you because it’s one worth sharing. Endless gratitude to our Ag Insider families for letting us in on their operations this year! 

This is a long overdue blog post as we share what we have been up to at TW Angus since our last blog. Although it feels like we have just been repeating the same motions, it’s when you sit down and put pen to paper that you realize just how busy you have been.

Now that the calves are weaned, we are back in the groove of morning chores in the dark, and evening chores as a family. We are soaking up the cool, fall evenings (and sunlight) to complete as many barnyard tasks as we can before the next season decides to roll in.

The last part of September wrapped up Jack’s soccer season, and we traveled to Illinois as we celebrated my grandmother’s life as she was laid to rest. October brought our 7th wedding anniversary, and many Saturdays spent cheering on the Jackrabbits! Tate had the hunt of a lifetime as he went elk hunting, and the boys went on their first airplane ride.

Freezer Update

A project we shared about earlier this summer was the installation of our walk-in freezer. We are excited to officially share the freezer is up and running, and fully stocked! We are waiting for the shelves to come in so we can get our beef inventory properly organized, but the freezer is already in use and proving it was worth the investment.

Once the freezer was up and running, I made a trip to the locker to start hauling our retail beef home. I filled my vehicle with 23 boxes of TW Angus Beef! To celebrate the freezer, and our family traveling to Brookings for Hobo Days, we launched a Hobo Bundle and made deliveries to the Brookings and Mitchell areas. Now to make a second trip to the locker to get the rest of our beef. We will launch our fall bundles soon!

That’s a wrap!

Just like that, our time-sharing a behind-the-scenes view of life as first-generation ranchers with the Stockyards Ag Experience has come to the finish line. We enjoyed showing you what keeps us busy during the summer months on our ranch, and invite you to continue following along as we share more of the day to day tasks on Instagram (calli_williams) or launch our beef bundles on our website, If you are in the Mitchell area and would like to visit the ranch, let us know. We are always up for visitors.