Ag Experience Insider- TW Angus

Read all things calves, alfalfa, and family happening at TW Angus as shared by Calli Williams! 

Ahh… a sigh of relief.

The pairs are all turned out to pasture for the summer grazing season.

We wrapped up our breeding season, vaccinated, and poured both the cows and calves the beginning of May. The next big project was hauling them to summer pasture.

We held off on doing this a little longer than normal as we hoped to get some of the predicted rain, but unfortunately those rains missed our area.

As first-generation ranchers, we feel fortunate to have the acreage we call home. We can keep the cows here during the winter months, calving season and into the spring until it is time to go to grass. We then divide our cow-calf pairs into groups, as we rent three different pastures (in three different counties) for the grazing season.

Keeping It In The Family

Of the three pastures we rent, our favorite is by far the pasture located near Avon, SD. This is the family farm Tate’s dad grew up on. His Uncle Jon and Aunt Lynn Stather now live on the family farm, so they keep a close eye on our cow-calf pairs while they are in the pasture.

The view alone is worth the drive, but then you add the family history and chance to see relatives every time we check on our pairs, and the miles are well worth it.

Up Next

Now that our cow-calf pairs are out to pasture, we will begin cutting alfalfa.

Looking at the weather forecast we are excited about the predicated chances of rain but hope to plan the days correctly, so our alfalfa does not get rained on. The alfalfa we bale is part of a share crop. Another way we are blessed with a great support system as first-generation ranchers! Family friends partnering with us on their alfalfa and hay crop, so we have fewer bales to purchase next year.

We continue to have livestock chores at home with our feedlot cattle, and fall calves. Our boys, Jack and Tommy, are great helpers! Tate is in his busy season for work (Williams Masonry) as they try to get as much done during the summer months as possible. They just finished up working on the DEX building in Huron and will start working on the Harrisburg Elementary School soon.