Board Member Spotlight – Michael J. Mullin

Headshot of Michael J. MullinToday’s Saturday Board Member Spotlight is Michael J. Mullin! 

Originally from southern California Dr. Mullin’s got involved with the Stockyards Ag Experience while working on a request to do some research for the “proposed” Stockyards Museum. Now that the museum is complete, Mullin continues his board service always bringing unique historical insights to our organization. Dr. Mullin is a history professor at Augustanta University. 

Going forward Dr. Mullin is most excited for the planned Stockyard Plaza. To Mullin connecting agriculture to our daily lives means, “connecting an ever more urban Sioux Falls with knowledge of where its food comes from. At the same time, it means providing an entry point for producers to tell urban residents the story of what it is like to be an agricultural producer in the 21st century.”