Board Member Spotlight – Sarah Carnes

Headshot of Sarah CarnesToday’s Saturday Board Member Spotlight is Sarah Carnes! Sarah is the CEO of 9 Clouds, a digital marketing agency located in Sioux Falls. A farm kid from Quimby, Iowa, Sarah grew up on a corn, soybean and predominantly black angus cattle farm. That upbringing impacted her outlook on agriculture. 

“I’m a proud farm kid and have the utmost respect for the people who produce our food. I know the hard work they put in and the sacrifices they make first hand,” she stated. 

Sarah got connected to the Stockyards Ag Experience through joining our marketing committee. Fun fact: Sarah served on the marketing committee with our current Executive Director, Abby Bischoff, before she was in the Executive Director role! 

When looking to the future of the Stockyards Ag Experience, Carnes is most excited about connecting agriculture to people who didn’t grow up on a farm, “Helping people understand where their food comes from and the role that they play in it.” 

To Sarah, connecting agriculture to our daily lives means,  “Understanding the role we all play in agriculture as the consumer. We create the demand for the supply. We play an integral role in what is produced and how it’s produced.”