Come Visit Our Newest Exhibit: “The People Who Feed Us”

The People Who Feed Us Exhibit at the Stockyards Ag Experience in Sioux Falls South Dakota

We all know the saying “know where your food comes from” but have you ever wondered about who produces it? 

Our newest exhibit shines a light on the humans who make a living out of bringing your food from the field to your fork. Specifically, this exhibit will look at:

  1. Farmers
  2. Front line workers
  3. Grocery store workers
  4. Restaurant chefs

Along this journey, each person will explain what they do and how it ties into the rest of the process – showing the emotion and pride that goes into their line of work. “The People Who Feed Us” not only looks at the person, but also at how it feels to be part of this important multi-industry chain.

While you enjoy “The People Who Feed Us” you can spend some time visiting the rest of our museum that shows you how food gets from the pasture to your plate.

Production of “The People Who Feed Us” was supported by the South Dakota Humanities Council and the South Dakota Pork Producers, and we’re excited for you to see it in person!

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