Fruit of the Coop – Local Foods Week

The Flock at Fruit of the Coop

Today we are going to Fruit of the Coop, nestled between Sioux Falls and Brandon, Stephanie cares for about two hundred chickens. Every day she collects the eggs, washes, and packages them for local restaurants and businesses. Stephanie’s flock is pasture raised and they are fed natural grains and forages. 


The Flock The Flock at Fruit of the Coop

Fruit of The Coop is home to two different types of chicken, heritage and hybrid. They also have a few turkeys that mingle in. The heritage chickens sport many different colors and the hybrids are chestnut in color. While they are different colors they all produce a golden brown egg. These eggs are laid in group nesting boxes and then collected. 

Eggs being candled

The Process

Once Stephanie has collected these eggs she takes them to her egg washing station. The first thing she does is candle the eggs. Shining a light into them she can grade them and check for any hairline cracks and are not visible to the naked eye. Then they go into the washing station where water and brushes take off all of the The egg washerdebris. After that they are placed into cartons and put in the fridge till they are delivered. 

The Partners 

Fruit of the Coop’s buyers include many local restaurants and CSA’s expanding their reach. Stephanie also partners with other flocks in southeast South Dakota and sources their eggs. 

Events The Flock at Fruit of the Coop

Stephanie enjoys teaching classes with the Community Education program. There she is able to help others start their own flock and share the many benefits there are to chickens. She is passionate about sustainable agriculture and the opportunities that small and mid-size farming can bring to a community.