Haiwick Heritage Ranch – Local Foods Week

The Cattle out on pasture

Today we are going to Haiwick Heritage Ranch, located on the plains near Highmore, SD. For over 75 years the Haiwick’s have been stewards to their livestock and land. This third generation ranch is a proud provider of high quality beef. 


The Ranch

At Haiwick Heritage Ranch they raise certified Angus beef. These cattle are antibiotic, steroid, hormone free, and raised on the South Dakota Prairie. This family operation thrives on hard work and dedication, Paula and Nick share their values and practices with their five children. 

The Trends

When Nick and Paula moved from Washington, DC to South Dakota and started their journey, they noticed a trend: people want to know where their food comes from, that it’sThe cattle eating safe, and they are getting high quality. Available today from Haiwick Heritage Ranch you can purchase whole, half and mixed quarters of dry-aged, certified Angus beef that is free of antibiotics, steroids, hormones, and confinements. Listening to their customers they have developed a customer base that is in high demand for their products.