New Board Member Spotlight – Jeff Buyck

Meet one of our new board members Jeff Buyke!

Jeff grew up near Garvin, Minnesota, and his background in agriculture revolved around growing corn, soybeans, and raising hogs. He got involved in organizations such as FFA and 4-H and attended college for an ag business degree at South Dakota State University. Currently, he is involved in the ag industry through his family farm and working for a farm equipment supplier.

Jeff’s connection to the museum stems back to growing up on the farm and raising hogs when they delivered some of their livestock to the Sioux Falls stockyards. Now he and his family have also gotten to experience the Stockyards Ag Experience during their visits to the exhibits.

He’s most looking forward to “inviting people to learn about agriculture and the opportunities in ag through audio, visual and kinesthetic experiences,” in future aspects of the museum.

“Agriculture is present in many aspects of every day life… it surrounds us,” Jeff said when asked about the importance of agriculture. “From the transfer of goods and services to the food and fiber that ag provides the world, continued education and knowledge are highly important for each of us to remain connected to agriculture. This connection provides insights to the history of ag and inspires growth, development and sustainability of our communities and the future of agriculture.”

Someone who loves agriculture as much as we do is always exciting to have on our team! Welcome Jeff!