Summer at The Stockyards

Megan’s Internship

This summer has been busy, between tours, events, and visitors and I learned a lot. While working at the museum, I was surprised at how many people had a connection to the stockyards. Being able to hear the firsthand stories and watching them light up as they looked at the exhibits was one of my favorite parts.

In our farm-to-table part of the museum, it emphasizes that no matter your diet, at some point it came from a farm. Growing up in an agriculture driven community, I feel that it is rarely seen from that point of view. Farm-to-table helps people who don’t come from an agriculture background see past the shelves of the supermarket.


Listening to Abby give tours during my first few weeks, I was able to see the passion she has for her job. Over the summer I got the opportunity to lead some of our tours. With our younger groups, we focused on farm to table, learning where their food comes from. Our busy week when the Boys and Girls Club of Sioux Falls came, we had over 800 kids come through. Each group of energetic kids were able to explore the barn and learn how their food gets from the field to their table.


This summer I was able to attend the Boadwine Dairy Open House and Ag PhD Day. At the Boadwine Dairy Open House we focused on animal education. Making hand traced dairy cows and talking about cow facts. At Ag PhD Day we did plant science, talking about upcycling and how animals are producers. Teaching through crafts and helping connect facts to fun!

Local Foods Week

Local Foods Week gave me great opportunities to reach out to local producers. While touring their farms and being able to see their operations firsthand, I learned a lot. The Sioux Falls area has great options for locally made/grown produce. One of the people I met had such a passion for their job and exemplified stewardship of their land.

The Stockyards Ag Experience Barn highlights a crucial part of Sioux Falls’ history. While working here this summer I was able to learn and then help share this story. Each visitor, from near or far, is one step closer to a world where everyone recognizes and celebrates the past, present and future of agriculture.