Ag Experience Insider – 6B Seed and Supplies

A busy stretch for the Baruth family with 6B Seed and Supplies, and with harvest and weaning cattle around the corner, things won’t slow down anytime soon. See what they’ve been up to! 

Fruits of our Labor

Just as the kids are heading back to school, we as cow/calf producers are heading into the pasture to get the calves ready to wean. We work all of our calves by giving them shots and castrating the bulls. This allows them to heal while still on the mama and then they are ready to go to the feedlot in about 30 days. This is a great opportunity to assess this year’s calf crop. We look to see who is growing well and who is not, this is important when it comes to culling cows before the next calving season. If we continue to keep cows that are not producing a quality calf this will continue to affect our bottom line.

One of the other fun things that is happening at 6B right now is looking at the yield potential in the field. Over the last few weeks, as we had previously said, Rob has been walking fields. At this time, he also does what is called “signing” the fields. When the field is signed, the brand of seed and variety is displayed along the outside of the field.

We were also lucky enough to have one of our customers do what is called a test plot, this is were we can showcase a multitude of different seed varieties in one field. It is a good opportunity to show our customers the different varieties we offer and how they perform against each other. To add a little fun some of the seed companies have contests, this year we have entered into the Legend Field of Dreams contest with our entry of “Game Time.” It was an opportunity to get the kids involved and to show off some of the great products we are offering. The contest starts in September so follow 6B and Legend Seeds to vote!

The fall is one of the most exciting times on the farm, we get to see the fruits of our labor. Silage cutting, weaning and harvest is just around the corner, and can’t wait to share with you all the good suff.