Ag Experience Insider – TW Angus

We’re in the final month of hearing from our Ag Insiders! We’ve learned so much along the way. The crew at TW Angus is busy with all things weaning on the ranch. Learn more in their post.

And just like that, our cattle pens are full.

We spent the second weekend in September sorting calves from the cows and hauling them home to begin the weaning process. Many producers in the area practice fence line weaning, where the cows and calves can still see and communicate with each other but due to our pasture locations (Artesian and Avon), we do not practice fence line weaning. Our calves seem to adjust well as the ranch was quiet just 48 hours after bringing them home from the summer pastures.

After the calves were settled in and adapted to their new diet of grain and hay, rather than their dam’s milk and grass, we worked the calves to give them their booster vaccinations. We also put our “new to us” scale to use to enter weights in our record keeping system.

In other exciting news, the weekend we weaned calves was double the excitement as we also began our fall calving season! The first calf to be born was Tommy’s, as the heifer we purchased for his birthday decided to calve with all the excitement we had going on. The warm evenings checking pairs on pasture, playing the ultimate game of hide-and-seek as we look for calves in the tall grass has started to make me question why we calve a majority of our herd in February?! A girl could get used to pasture checks in a t-shirt!

If you have followed along with our blog posts this summer, you know we have been in the process of installing our walk-in freezer. We were hoping the freezer would be up and running by now but like all major projects, we had to make a few adjustments which included ordering new parts. We are thankful to the team at Arctic Refrigeration for their help, along with Morgan Electric, LLC. We will have our beef available at the ranch soon thanks to these great crews.

Be sure to follow along on our social media pages as we announce TW Angus Beef delivery dates for the Mitchell, Brookings, and Sioux Falls areas – as well as an exciting event happening at the ranch soon!